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"Helloween party" постановка спектакля

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Учитель. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Today you'll see a mini-show which is devoted to the popular holiday «Halloween». Welcome to our Halloween Party!
Ведущий. Good afternoon, boys and girls! Halloween is one of the best holidays for children. People celebrate Halloween on the 31-st of October. Halloween colors are orange and black. During the early years of the Christian ...


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Время праздновать Хэллоуин

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Учащиеся садятся за парты по командам (3-4 команды по 4-5 человек). Учитель приветствует учеников, кратко рассказывает о целях и ходе урока.
Teacher: Hello, students! I’m glad to see you! Let’s start our lesson. During our previous lessons you learnt about different British holidays: Christmas, Easter, New Year, St. Valentine’s Day and now we go on working with this topic. ...


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